The Advisory Council on Child Trafficking

ACCT is an all-volunteer bipartisan group of women who are committed to finding cost-effective, evidence-based solutions to domestic child trafficking. We are dedicating our personal and professional resources to bring this issue to the forefront of public policy, academic research, and public awareness.

We choose to remain unaffiliated with any advocacy or policy groups to maximize our ability to convene diverse audiences and to minimize bias. We strongly believe that a multi-disciplinary approach is the best method in a field where there has been a vacuum of research and funding.


MAY 1 & 2, 2013
Meeting the Needs of Child Trafficking Survivors
The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
in partnership with ACCT 
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

As part of the White House initiative announced by President Obama at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative, the Symposium will bring together leading researchers, scholars, policy makers, and advocates to identify gaps in research, best practices, and evidence to improve the lives of sexually exploited children.  

Working groups will be comprised of the nation's leading experts in mental health treatment of child sexual trauma, law enforcement, survivor advocacy, disruptive technology,epidemiology, criminal justice, and public policy.  They will lend their extensive knowledge and experience in generating policy and research recommendations and lay out next steps in the following key areas :

  1. How international research on trafficking can inform domestic efforts;
  2. Current domestic research on trafficking and child sexual exploitation;
  3. Developing evidence-based protocols for first-responder intervention;
  4. Developing best-practices in mental health treatment for survivors;
  5. Best practices in law enforcement for prevention and addressing demand; and
  6. Technology in prevention and intervention efforts